I always catch up with the progress of invoicing software

If you ask me about invoicing I will say that it is very essential in business. The problem is that a lot of business owners underestimate invoicing and don’t pay enough attention to invoicing. I have understood the role of invoicing in business quite early. First time I used invoicing program was 10 years ago. I could not even compare it to the invoicing software, which is provided nowadays. My old software had just nice invoice templates and almost nothing else. I created invoice into invoicing software, then I printed it and sent by postal mail. Now the invoicing software, which I use, is very advanced. It almost sends out invoices without my help. It has a lot of features. By the way, some features are totally useless and only software’s developers know why they put them into program. Some people choose invoicing software with a lot of features and think that it is the best, but they don’t think that needless functions will make software difficult in use. It is simple human psychology – the more I have the best it is. Maybe it works somewhere, but not with invoicing software.

I use invoicing software, which is released in 2012. It has modern invoice templates and basic features like invoice sending by email, reminders, recurring invoices, received payment management. To my mind, it is fully enough with that features. I also prefer invoicing software as a store place for all data about my clients and products. It is quite safe and reliable place to store the data, because it is saved on server and could be recovered. Once I had terrible problems, when my computer broke down. Since that time I prefer to insure myself and choose safe solutions for my business. By safe solutions I mean online based invoicing software. I can’t imagine how invoicing software could be improved in future, but I will probably try some new solutions when market provides them.

18 Oct 2012